V 600 (PK OF 10)

200mVdc full scale, Bezel mounted (Each unit contains 10 voltmeters)

  • 3½ Digit LCD Voltmeter
  • 200mV Full Scale Reading
  • 15 Pin SIL Connection
  • Bezel Mounted
  • Very Low Cost

The V 600 is a very low cost 3½ digit LCD voltmeter with 15mm (0.6") digit height, intended for high volume OEM applications. It features 200mV d.c. full scale reading, auto-zero and auto-polarity. The meter plugs directly into a SIL socket or can be panel mounted using the bezel provided. Connection to the meter is via one row of 15 pins.

The prices on this page are for a pack of 10 units. To order a single unit for evaluation purposes visit the V 600 product listing.