FPSI 1010-1

Panel mounted Red / Green SMART indicator with screw terminals

  • Red/Green SMART Indicator
  • 0 to 30Vd.c. Measurement
  • 2 User Prog. Thresholds
  • 1 Control Output
  • 7 to 24V d.c. Supply Voltage

This product is currently available ex-stock, however, the part is no longer in manufacture and therefore is not suitable for new designs.

The FPSI 1010-1 is a ready-to-use panel mounted SMART indicator. The module is fitted with a one-piece snap-in bezel and screw terminal connectors for easy installation. The FloPSI (Flash Programmable Status Indicator) is a compact LED module that indicates green when the input voltage is between two easily programmable levels and red when the input voltage is higher or lower. The levels are easily set and stored in Flash memory. They can be changed as often as desired.

A FloPSI can be used in countless applications where a GO / NO GO indicator is required. The module incorporates one output, allowing the user to drive an external alarm or to control the process being monitored. A 12.6mm x 12.6mm (0.5? x 0.5?) panel cut-out is required to mount the unit.