PIC based 5-digit multi function display module

  • 5 Digit Starburst LCD with LED backlighting
  • 16F877 Flash PIC Microcontroller
  • 8k x 14-bit Word user-programmable flash memory
  • 10-bit A/D converter, up to 8 channels
  • 2 pulse width modulation channels

MDM-1 is a programmable LCD display module, intended for applications that require a fast time to market at low cost. The module is sold unprogrammed, allowing the user to program the desired functionality into the product. MDM-1 can be made to control a complete application, including its display front-end, a keypad interface, switching outputs and any LED's. The module's core Components comprise an LCD and a PIC microcontroller. The display consists of a 5-digit, 14-segment starburst LCD with green LED backlighting. Each LCD segment is software-addressable, allowing the user to display numbers, text and non-standard characters. The PIC processor used (a 4MHz 16F877) features a reduced instruction set (RISC) architecture, making it easy for the user - novice or advanced - to develop professional software quickly. The PIC processor contains 8k 14-bit words of Flash program memory, allowing the module to be programmed in-circuit, and then re-programmed if necessary. This ensures that the latest firmware revision can be downloaded into the module, or changed on-the-fly. An internal 256 byte EEPROM features a pre-programmed character generator, making the display of text particularly easy.

MDM-1 features making measurement of analogue signals on multiple channels possible. Calibration is achieved via the on-board potentiometer or in software. A development system - MDM-DEV-1 - is also available, comprising an MDM-1, a development board, cables,Windows software and firmware routines. Additional firmware routines are available on http:/, as they become available. Connection is via a 34-way IDC connector, allowing for easy in-circuit programming, using low-cost, off-the-shelf PIC programmers. The same connector provides the application interface. The module has been designed to fit into a range of standard handheld enclosures. Alternatively, the user can mount the MDM-1 into a front panel, using the bezel and mounting hardware provided.