Development system to aid the design of applications for the MDM-1 module.

  • MDM-1 Module
  • Development Board
  • Interconnect Cables
  • Standard Software Routines
  • Data Disk and CDROM

MDM-DEV-1 is a development system to aid the design of applications for an MDM-1 module. In addition, external circuitry can be easily integrated into the design environment. The MDM-1 module is a programmable LCD display module, intended for applications that require a fast time to market at low cost. The module's core Components comprise an LCD and a PIC microcontroller. The display features a backlit 5-digit, 14-segment starburst LCD. The 16F877 PIC microcontroller features 8k 14-bit words of Flash program memory, 256 byte EEPROM with pre-programmed character generator, a high accuracy 10-bit A/D converter, an I2C interface and I/O ports. Please refer to the MDM-1 product page for further information. Download free sample routines. Click here to visit the unofficial MDM-1 developers site for software downloads, hardware advice and pre-written software applications. This is a popular part, normally stocked in high quantity and suitable for new designs.