BOA Cameras

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Sensor & Lensboa image

  • High Resolution color or monochrome CCD, VGA to 2 megapixel resolution
  • Image capture control through external or software trigger
  • Standard C-mount lens supports variable focus
  • Integrated lighting control, including strobe output to stop motion


tellyden dalsa1


Small & Rugged, Designed for Extreme Industrial Environmentsboa enclosure

  • Ultra small form factor (44 x 44 x 39 mm), ideal for space-limited applications
  • Ruggedized for harsh factory floor environments; IP67 rated housing – suitable for washdown environments without protective enclosure
  • Built-in support for protective screw on lens cover
  • Mounting holes on all sides for maximum flexibility
  • Low power consumption (3 watts) - Runs Cool
  • Industrial M12 style connectors offer flexible low-cost cabling options

Multiple Processing Engineboa hardware

BOA is a highly integrated smart camera that combines DSP with other processing elements to offer superior performance at the lowest power possible.

  • Real-time Embedded Processing
  • On-board DSP
  • Multiple processing engines have the benefit of partitioning tasks efficiently
    • Algorithm optimization via DSP
    • Application management via CPU
    • Sensor management via FPGA
  • 256 MB storage memory

Embedded Application Software Simplifies Vision Deployment

BOA comes complete with application software to satisfy a wide variety of inspection tasks. General features of BOA software include:boa software

  • Web browser access
  • No setup software to install
  • Intuitive one-click guided navigation
  • Full complement of vision capabilities
  • Choice of factory communications
  • Runtime editing
  • Image and data logging
  • Custom Scripting
  • User administration
  • Language support
  • PC emulation

BOA application setup does not assume programming or machine vision knowledge.


iNspect Express: Ready-to-Apply Tool Box of Vision Algorithmsboa iNspect

  • BOA is fully loaded with iNspect Express, a comprehensive set of click and apply tools to satisfy a wide range of optical automation tasks:
  • Suite of applications tools:
    • Positioning tools locate features for alignment, assembly verification or robotic guidance
    • Identification tools read coded symbologies or text for a variety of applications, such as part tracking, product identification and package readability
    • Measurement tools verify critical measures on a part, such as distance, angle, radii and circularity
    • Verification tools check for presence or correctness of features, such as number of holes on a part or the integrity and uniformity of a glue bead
    • Flaw detection tools detect scratches, cracks or other types of maufacturing defects
  • The BOA tool box includes editing capabilities for parametric control and copy/paste/delete functions

Flexible Communications Options for Factory Integration

BOA allows a wide range of connections to networks, PCs, factory equipment, triggers, PLCs, and more.boa integration

  • Built-in opto-isolated I/O allows direct wiring to associated control devices, such as part-in-place triggers and post inspection part steering10/100 BaseT Ethernet port provides setup and monitor access, runtime control, and standard communication protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP and Modbus/IP

  • Passive Power over Ethernet supports single cable interface option - ideal for robotic applications

  • RS-232 link offers additional serial communication and control option

  • Integrated lamp connector provides power and strobe control to external LED light sources

  • Exposed status LEDs indicate device health and application activity

  • M12 connectors support standard low-cost factory cabling


BOA NEXUS Smart Bridge

A complementary device for BOA smart cameras, the BOA NEXUS Smart Bridge works with existing BOA camera systems to expand their information sharing and monitoring capabilities. The BOA NEXUS uses a standard monitor to conveniently display inspection images and application specific information from multiple BOA cameras, eliminating the need for an HMI. Featuring its own BOA NEXUS Navigator built-in software interface, support for iNspect Express and Sherlock software, and six Gigabit Ethernet ports, the BOA NEXUS is the perfect low-power companion to BOA smart camera systems.

Benefitsboa nexusbridge

  • Display interface eliminates need for expensive HMIs
  • Convenient access for online setup and maintenance
  • Supports isolated or bridged network configurations
  • Simplifies camera network setup
  • Manages access to cameras with dissimilar firmware versions
  • Tracks user access and changes to camera solutions
  • Supports results logging capability to CSV file
  • Includes software emulator for offline solution editing
  • DIN mountable hardware platform
  • Provides storage for runtime image logging

Download BOA Nexus Datasheet