BOA IDR Cameras

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Self-contained and Rugged

  • Resolution Optionsboa idr hw
    • CCD Imager
    • Interchangeable C mount lens
    • 640 x 480
    • 1024 x 768
    • 1280 x 960
    • 1600 x 1200
  • Enclosure
    • 44mm cube style
    • IP67 rated with lens cover
    • M12 style factory connectors
    • 360 degree Mounting

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Software Features

The IDR version of the BOA camera exposes the core tools required for Identification applications, and includes framework for factory integration, user administration, and data logging. BOA IDR software allows customers to combine 1D/2D validation with OCR and Pattern Matching to verify all product markings are accurate and readable.

  • Software Features:boa idr soft
    • Image logging and runtime history viewing
    • Runtime editing
    • Operator customization
    • User access administration
    • User data logging for CFR Part 11 compliance
    • Automatic solution (job) switching
    • Solution report generation
    • External control via network or serial commands
    • Free form scripting for advanced application control
      • Supports user-defined and pre-defined functions
    • Factory protocol (Modbus, Ethernet/IP) compatible
    • Date logging/retrieving to/from CSV file
  • Display Options:
    • BOAView — WinCE HMI application
    • iDisplay — PC application– supports up to 8 cameras
    • iMonitor — Web server application
    • VB — Custom application
  • Access Control
    • The IDR application software includes user administration tools to help customers achieve system validation for 21 CFR Part 11. This includes password access control and data logging to a complementary application running on a networked device.

Flexible Integration

BOA IDR provides standard industrial Ethernet protocols for integrating into the factory network, including boa idr flexintsupport for popular PLCs such as Rockwell Automation and Siemens. BOA ensures that data is moved quickly and accurately with minimal integration effort.

In addition to Ethernet, BOA IDR provides serial RS-232 and discrete I/O connections, as well as expandable I/O options. A dedicated strobe output is further provided for direct light control.

BOA IDR is compatible with industry standard M12 cord sets to minimize hardware integration costs.

  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port provides setup and monitor access, runtime control, and standard communication protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus/IP, and PROFINET IO
  • Passive power over Ethernet
  • Direct external light control
  • Expansion I/O option
  • Powered network switch option

BOA NEXUS Smart Bridge

A complementary device for BOA smart cameras, the BOA NEXUS Smart Bridge works with existing BOA camera systems to expand their information sharing and monitoring capabilities. The BOA NEXUS uses a standard monitor to conveniently display inspection images and application specific information from multiple BOA cameras, eliminating the need for an HMI. Featuring its own BOA NEXUS Navigator built-in software interface, support for iNspect Express and Sherlock software, and six Gigabit Ethernet ports, the BOA NEXUS is the perfect low-power companion to BOA smart camera systems.

Benefitsboa idr nexus

  • Display interface eliminates need for expensive HMIs
  • Convenient access for online setup and maintenance
  • Supports isolated or bridged network configurations
  • Simplifies camera network setup
  • Manages access to cameras with dissimilar firmware versions
  • Tracks user access and changes to camera solutions
  • Supports results logging capability to CSV file
  • Includes software emulator for offline solution editing
  • DIN mountable hardware platform
  • Provides storage for runtime image logging

Download BOA Nexus Datasheet


ID Reader and Verification Tool

Based on the advanced BOA smart camera platform, BOA IDR allows manufacturers to combine 1D and 2D boatracking with other inspection tasks, such as character reading (OCR) and feature verification, to ensure all product markings are correct when they leave the factory floor.

Our highly integrated solution provides defect detection and reject tracking for high speed applications in Automotive, Consumer, Electronics, Packaging and Pharmaceutical industries.



  • Data Matrix, QR Code and PDF417. Square or rectangular size formats, Grading supported to AIM DPM, ISO 16022 and ISO 15415
  • UPCa, UPCe, EAN8, EAN13, Code39, Code93, Code128, Codabar, BC412, ITF, Postnet, Planet, Pharmacode, RSS, GS1
  • Trainable binary and grayscale OCR, dark or bright characters, fielding, multi-line, easy train, min/max char size and score
  • Area or Edge based recognition, reports score, location and rotation, finds features for verification or alignment

Typical Applications

  • Part validation and verification (1D,2D)boa idr app
  • Part traceability (1D,2D)
  • Error proofing (2D, OCR, Pattern)
  • Date, lot, product code validation (OCR)
  • Printed text verification (OCR, Pattern)
  • Label presence and placement (Pattern)
  • Label validation (1D,2D,OCR)
  • Cap presence and placement (Pattern)
  • Pattern verification (Pattern)
  • Tamper Proofing (Pattern)
  • Robot guidance (Pattern)