Linear Array Lights

Linear array lights that offer bright lighting, a long effective range, and a very even light pattern (as close as 3 inches).

  • Four high-intensity, visible wavelengths, plus IR and UV
  • Available in 6 different lengths: 145 mm (5.7”), 290 mm (11.4"), 435 mm (17.1"), 580 mm (22.8"), 870 mm (34.2"), 1160 mm (45.6")
  • High-power, solid-state LED array; continuous or strobed operation is selectable via sensor software (P4 models) or via hookup
  • Lens angle of 6.5°
  • Three windows from which to choose: clear acrylic, clear glass, and clear diffusing acrylic
  • Built-in constant current regulation allows the linear array light to be powered directly with 24V dc, no external current controller needed