ControlLogix I/O

Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix® I/O modules provide a full range of digital, diagnostic digital, analog, motion control, and specialty I/O to meet your application needs. You can use any of the I/O modules in the local chassis of a ControlLogix controller or in a chassis linked to a ControlLogix controller across ControlNet™ or EtherNet/IP™ networks.


  • Mounts in a ControlLogix® chassis
  • Requires either a removable terminal block (RTB) or a Bulletin 1492 wiring interface module (IFM) to connect all field-side wiring
  • Inherent time-stamping capabilities for sequence of events (SOE) applications
  • Comprehensive I/O diagnostics for detection of both system and field-side failures
  • Removal and insertion under power (RIUP) for ease of maintenance
  • Electronic keying to help prevent replacement errors
  • I/O wizards in the Studio 5000™ Logix Designer application enable quick and easy module configuration


1756 ControlLogix Digital I/O modules

  • Variety of voltages
  • 8 to 32 points per module
  • Isolated and nonisolated module types
  • Point-level output fault states
  • Direct-connect or rack-optimized communication
  • Field-side diagnostics on select modules

1756 ControlLogix Analog I/O modules

  • Input, output, and combination modules
  • Thermocouple and RTD modules
  • On-board data alarming
  • Scaling to engineering units
  • Real-time channel sampling
  • Electronic module keying, software configurable
  • Mechanical RTB keying, user-defined

1756 ControlLogix Specialty I/O modules

1756 ControlLogix Removable Terminal Blocks (RTBs)

  • Provide a flexible interconnection between plant wiring and I/O modules
  • Screw-clamp or spring-clamp terminations
  • Not shipped with I/O modules; you must order separately