ControlLogix Communications

The ControlLogix® Communication modules support EtherNet/IP™, ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, Data Highway Plus™, Remote I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, serial, DH-485 and SynchLink™ networks. Interface using ControlLogix communication modules via a ControlLogix gateway (without a controller in the gateway chassis), or interface directly to a ControlLogix controller. ControlLogix extreme environment communication modules are available for EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, Data Highway Plus and Remote I/O networks.

1756 EtherNet/IP™ Communication Interfaces:

  • 128 Logix connections (1756-ENBT and 1756-EWEB) or 256 Logix connections (all other modules)
  • Embedded switch technology (1756-EN2TR, 1756-EN3TR, and 1756-EN2TRXT)
  • Extreme environment support via ControlLogix-XT™ communication modules (1756-EN2TXT and 1756-EN2TRXT)
  • Secure connectivity from the control system to upper level systems, programming terminals, and other ControlLogix controllers using the secure communications module (1756-EN2TSC)

1756 DeviceNet™ Communication Interfaces

  • Supports 64 nodes

1756 ControlNet™ Communication Interfaces

  • 64 Logix connections (1756-CNB and 1756-CNBR) or 128 Logix connections (all other modules)
  • Supports 99 nodes
  • Supports redundant media (1756-CN2R, 1756-CNBR and 1756-CN2RXT)
  • Extreme environment support via ControlLogix-XT communication module (1756-CN2RXT)

1756 Data Highway Plus™ and Remote I/O Communication Interfaces

  • 32 Logix connections (1756-DHRIO and 1756-DHRIOXT)
  • Data Highway Plus and Remote I/O module (1756-DHRIO) supports messaging between devices on DH+™ network
  • Remote I/O module (1756-RIO) acts as scanner or adapter on a remote I/O network
  • Extreme environment support via ControlLogix-XT communication module (1756-DHRIOXT)

1757 FOUNDATION Fieldbus Linking Devices

  • Bridges from either an Ethernet network or a ControlNet network
  • 16 devices per H1 link (8...10 devices recommended)
  • 32 devices (1757-FFLD2 and 1757-FFLDC2) or 64 devices (1757-FFLD4 and 1757-FFLDC4) per linking device

1756 DH-485 Communication Interfaces

  • Function through the serial port on the ControLogix controller
  • Remote programming and monitoring via the Studio 5000™ environment

1756 SynchLink™ Communication Interfaces

  • Time-synchronization and data broadcasting for distributed motion and coordinated drive control
  • Moves a limited amount of data from one chassis to another at high speed
  • Lets one controller consume motion axes data from a controller in another chassis