Compact I/O

Bulletin 1769 Compact I/O™ modules can be used as local and distributed I/O for a CompactLogix™, Compact GuardLogix®, or MicroLogix™ 1500 controller. Rack-type features in a rackless design lower costs and reduce replacement parts inventory. A built-in removable terminal block provides connections to I/O sensors and actuators.


  • Requires use of a communication adapter module
  • DIN rail or panel mounting options provide flexibility
  • Individual point diagnostic status indicators ease troubleshooting
  • Software keying prevents placing a module in an incorrect position
  • Connect as many as three banks of Compact I/O™ to a controller; requires use of a communication adapter module and power supply

1769 Compact Digital I/O modules

  • Variety of AC and DC voltages
  • 8…32 points per module
  • Contact output modules
  • High speed input module available
  • Input filtering
  • Optical isolation

1769 Compact Analog I/O modules

  • Analog, thermocouple, and RTD modules available
  • High accuracy ratings
  • Over-range and under-range detection and indication
  • On-board scaling
  • Selectable response to a broken input sensor
  • Ability to direct output device operation during an abnormal condition
  • Individually configurable channels
  • Autocalibration of inputs

1769 Compact Specialty I/O modules

  • Address reserve, ASCII, Boolean control, and high-speed counter modules available
  • Direct 1769 platform connection to PowerFlex® drives and other devices through Compact I/O™ to DPI/SCANport™ and Compact I/O to DSI/Modbus modules