5370 Compact Logix L1/L2/L3

Bulletin 1769 CompactLogix™ 5370 Controllers are ideal for small to mid-size machines and provide the benefits of Integrated Architecture™ for lower-cost machines. When combined with Kinetix® 350 servo drives, these controllers provide a strong motion solution for customers who require high performance in a compact and affordable package. These controllers expand on the scalability of the Logix family and share common features across all three platforms, including support for Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™ and Device Level Ring (DLR) for enhanced network resiliency.


  • Support Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™
  • Support Device Level Ring (DLR) for enhanced network resiliency
  • Allow you to control distributed I/O via EtherNet/IP
  • Support Kinematics to eliminate the need for additional robot controllers and software
  • Provide open socket capability for devices such as printers, barcode readers, and servers
  • Include embedded USB port for firmware downloads and programming
  • Include removable SecureDigital (SD) card for flash memory
  • Offer flexible user memory options
  • Do not require battery


  • CompactLogix™ 5370 L3 Controllers
  • CompactLogix 5370 L2 Controllers
  • CompactLogix 5370 L1 Controllers