MicroLogix 1500 Control System

Bulletin 1764 MicroLogix™ 1500 Controllers are the most expandable members of the MicroLogix family. Building upon the critical features of the MicroLogix 1200 controllers, this controller fits many applications that traditionally called for larger, more expensive controllers. With a processor, base unit with power supply and embedded I/O, this controller packs the best features of a modular system into a low-cost, small footprint.


  • 7 KB memory (3.65 KB user program with 4 KB user data) on the 1764-LSP
  • 14 KB memory (10 KB user program with 4 KB user data) on the 1764-LRP
  • Two-piece design with small footprint; processor and base unit slide together to form complete controller
  • Processor and base unit are independently replaceable
  • Base unit includes power supply and is available with three different configurations of embedded I/O
  • Optional Data Access Tool (1764-DAT) lets you change integer and bit values within the controller
  • Includes eight high-speed inputs that you can use individually as latching inputs, event interrupts or combined as two high-speed counters (only on controllers with 24V DC inputs)
  • Includes two high-speed outputs that you can configure as pulse train output or as pulse width modulated outputs (only on controllers with embedded 24V DC outputs)
  • Compatible with 1769 Compact I/O modules (up to 16 modules using an additional bank of expansion I/O and an expansion power supply)