Connected Components Workbench Software

Connected Components Workbench™ programming and configuration software supports the Micro800™ controllers, PowerFlex® drives, PanelView™ Component graphic terminals, and other select Allen-Bradley® devices. This software leverages proven Rockwell Automation and Microsoft® Visual Studio® technologies. Program your controllers, configure your devices, and design your HMI screens using this software.


  • Available as free web download or free DVD
  • Includes free support and software updates
  • Provides common, easy-to-use configuration and programming tool for all devices
  • Lets you create and deploy user-defined function blocks
  • Provides offline and online capability
  • Offers a variety of serial and network connectivity options
  • Offers choice of programming languages with user-defined function block support (ladder diagram, function block diagram, structured text)
  • Uses the same wizards that are used in DriveTools™ SP and Drives Add-On Profiles
  • Includes the DeviceLogix™ Editor
  • Supports all Micro800™ controllers, PowerFlex® drives, and PanelView™ Component graphic terminals