Pico Controllers

Bulletin 1760 Pico™ controllers and PicoGFX™ controllers are small, simple and flexible. They are ideal for relay replacement applications and applications where cost is a primary issue. These controllers let you program via built-in keypad, built-in LCD and programming software. With these controllers as the foundation of your system, you can increase your capacity through Pico expansion I/O modules and gain additional capabilities through remote controller units.


  • Lets you make programming and data adjustments via built-in keypad, built-in LCD or PicoSoft Pro programming software
  • Provides terminal mode operation, graphics and text-messaging capabilities through remote controller units
  • Operates as slave device on DeviceNet™ network via DeviceNet communication interface

1760 Pico™ Controllers

  • Performs simple logic, timing, counting and real-time clock operations
  • Ideal for relay replacement applications, simple control applications and applications in which cost is a primary issue
  • Supports applications that require up to 128 lines of ladder logic
  • Provides up to 40 I/O points when you connect one or more I/O expansion modules
  • Compatible with 1760 Pico expansion I/O modules

1760 PicoGFX™ Controllers

  • Displays text, date, time and even your own custom bitmaps
  • Supports control functions such as speed and valve control, using math instructions and embedded analog I/O
  • Provides up to 272 points with Pico expansion I/O modules or with multiple controllers connected via Pico-Link network
  • Lets you exchange and view data and programming between two PicoGFX controllers using serial connection cable
  • Provides access to all controllers via one or more display units
  • Displays units available with or without keypad
  • Compatible with 1760 GFX I/O modules