Pico Expansion I/O

Bulletin 1760 Pico™ Expansion I/O modules provide you with flexible choices to expand your Pico controller. Add the extra I/O count you need for a variety of applications. Expansion modules are compatible with all of the PicoGFX™ controllers, as well as many of the standard Pico controllers.

1760 Expansion I/O for Pico™ Controllers

  • Connects to the side of the controller with the supplied expansion connector
  • Expands the controller up to a maximum of 40 I/O points
  • Compatible with standard Pico controllers, 18- and 20-point versions
  • Can also be used with PicoGFX™ controllers

1760 Expansion I/O for PicoGFX Controllers

  • Connects to the back of the controller
  • Add one expansion module to each controller
  • Connect as many as eight PicoGFX controllers with up to 272 I/O points using the Pico-Link inter-connectivity network
  • Not compatible with standard Pico controllers