FLEX I/O Terminal Bases

Each FLEX™ I/O module requires a terminal base unit that provides terminal connection points for I/O wiring. The terminal bases snap onto the DIN rail and plug together to form the backplane.


  • Provides the mounting base for FLEX™ I/O modules and terminal locations for field wiring
  • Each terminal base snaps onto the DIN rail
  • Plug multiple terminal bases together to form the I/O backplane
  • Lets you add or remove I/O modules without disturbing field wiring or system power

1794 FLEX I/O Terminal Bases

  • Screw-clamp, spring-clamp, or cage-clamp terminations
  • D-shell, knife disconnect, and fused terminations also available

1794 FLEX I/O Distribution Boards

  • Mounts on the terminal base and provides multiple input/output ports
  • Enables individual wiring of each I/O channel