FLEX Ex I/O modules

Bulletin 1797 FLEX Ex™ Intrinsic Safety (IS) I/O provides flexibility for your hazardous application. Use FLEX Ex I/O with a FLEX Ex communication module installed in the hazardous area to gather data at its origin and transport it to the safe area with minimal wiring. Advanced diagnostics provide real-time status for easier troubleshooting.


  • Up to 16 I/O points per module
  • Connect up to eight modules per assembly, for a maximum of 128 I/O
  • Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) lets you replace modules and make cable connections in the hazardous area while the system is in operation
  • Each I/O module requires a terminal base for connection points for I/O wiring

1797 FLEX Ex™ Digital I/O modules 

  • 4…16 points per module
  • Variety of AC and DC voltages: 65...276V AC or 10...60V DC
  • Isolated inputs and outputs
  • Diagnostics on some modules

1797 FLEX Ex Analog I/O modules 

  • Configurable channels
  • Selectable input filters
  • On-board scaling
  • HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter) protocol support
  • Thermocouple and RTD modules available

1797 FLEX Ex Specialty I/O modules

  • Input frequency counter module available