POINT I/O Terminal Bases

A Bulletin 1734 Terminal Base Assembly consists of a mounting base and a separate removable terminal block (RTB). The base mounts on the DIN rail. The RTB plugs into the mounting base and provides the terminal locations for field wiring. The POINT I/O™ module plugs into the mounting base above the RTB.


  • Provides the mounting base for POINT I/O™ modules and terminal locations for field wiring
  • Mounts on DIN rail, either vertically or horizontally
  • User-selectable mechanical keying prevents incorrect I/O module placement
  • Removable Terminal Block (RTB) separates from the mounting base and I/O module to facilitate rapid installation and commissioning
  • A one-piece mounting base with integrated terminal locations is also available
  • Termination modules support higher density (8 channel) POINT I/O modules


  • 1734 POINT I/O Terminal Bases
  • 1734 POINT I/O Replacement RTBs
  • 1734 POINT I/O Common and Voltage Termination modules