• Stand-alone, battery-powered data logger for a single thermocouple-based measurement (J-,K-,N- or T-type)
  • -80 to +1200 °C (-112 to 2192 °F) measurement range with high/low alarms
  • Built-in, color, 2.8-inch touch display allows measurement configuration without a connected PC
  • Displays real time data, and previous results in table or graphic form
  • Built-in, non-volatile flash memory for measurement storage
  • Recorded, delimited ASCII text files are accessible by any computer running any operating system
  • Built-in real time clock time and date stamps each measured value
  • Huge on-board memory capacity: >65,000 samples in each of 100 files
  • Supports both single-shot and long-term data logging modes
  • Built-in USB interface for uploading recorded data to the PC for analysis
  • Recorded data files are Excel-compatible
  • Built-in, rechargeable Li-polymer battery