XM-122 gSE Vibration Module

The XM® 122 gSE Vibration modules measure both conventional vibration and g Spike Energy (gSE). gSE is a signal processing technique that provides an accurate measure of the energy generated by transient or mechanical impacts. These modules are ideal for monitoring motors, pumps, fans, and gearboxes that are fitted with rolling element bearings and where continuous, real-time, protection is not required.


  • Continuously alternate between standard and gSE measurements, updating each approximately every 4…80 seconds
  • Two channels connect common vibration sensors (e.g., eddy current probes, accelerometers) and any sensor that outputs a voltage signal
  • One tachometer channel that accepts input from most speed measurement sensors and can measure speeds 1…1.2M RPM with pulse rates 1…50,000 events per revolution
  • Signal processing provides synchronous or asynchronous measurements
  • Signal processing provides two levels of integration and FFT processing with as many as 30 measured parameters
  • Two isolated, 4…20 mA outputs
  • Single on-board relay
  • Four virtual relays or four additional relays (when connected to a XM® 441 Expansion Relay Module)