XM-720 Packaged Vibration Monitor

The XM® 720 Packaged Vibration Monitors include an XM-120 Standard Dynamic Measurement Module, an XM-441 Expansion Relay Module, and a front panel display. These standalone solutions monitor the condition of fans, pumps, blowers and other essential machinery.


  • Two channels connect common vibration sensors (e.g., eddy current probes, accelerometers) and any sensor that outputs a voltage signal
  • One tachometer channel that accepts input from most speed measurement sensors and can measure speeds 1…1.2M RPM with pulse rates 1…50,000 events per revolution
  • Signal processing provides synchronous or asynchronous measurements
  • Signal processing provides two levels of integration and FFT processing with as many as 30 measured parameters
  • Two isolated, 4…20 mA outputs
  • Front-panel BNC connections for channels and tachometer
  • Three relays pre-wired and available via back panel terminations