XM-120E Eccentricity Module

The XM® 120E Eccentricity modules are XM-120 Standard Dynamic Measurement modules that are loaded with XM-120E Firmware. These modules provide four key measurements including the peak-to-peak eccentricity value, the instantaneous gap value and the minimum and maximum observed gap values. They can operate stand-alone or on DeviceNet™ networks to provide real-time data and status information to other XM modules, programmable controllers, distributed control systems, and condition monitoring systems


  • Dynamic inputs measure eddy current
  • Tachometer input measures speed from 1 to 1.2M RPM from a pulse signal of 1…50,000 events per revolution
  • Two isolated 4…20 mA outputs
  • Communicate via DeviceNet™ network
  • Single on-board relay
  • Four virtual relays or four additional relays (when connected to an XM® 441 Expansion Relay Module)