AC and DC Millivolt Data Logger with Current Clamp Input

  • Compatible with a.c. and d.c. current clamps
  • Energy monitoring mode (to calculate power, cumulative energy and cumulative cost)
  • a.c. and d.c. millivolt measurement mode
  • Logging rates between 1s and 12hr
  • 4mm banana plug inputs

When used with a current clamp, this standalone data logger measures and stores up to 127,232 a.c. and d.c. current readings over a 0 to 1000 amp d.c. measurement range (0 to 723 amps for a.c.). In ‘energy monitoring’ mode, this data is converted into power, energy (using a user defined voltage value) and cost (using a user supplied energy unit cost). The millivolt measurement mode allows for direct measurement of voltage, up to 1V d.c. (700mV a.c.).

The user can easily set up the logger and view downloaded data by plugging the data logger into a PC’s USB port and using the supplied software. The software has provision for a clamp scaling factor (the clamp input-output ratio of amps to millivolts). Stored data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications. The high contrast LCD can show a variety of current, power, energy and cost information. At the touch of a button, the user can cycle between the most recent, maximum and minimum measurement values. The data logger is fitted with 2 replaceable AA batteries.