Bulletin 9000 Accelerometers offer a variety of frequency ranges and reference sensitivities to provide the best selection for your measurement applications.


9000 Accelerometers, General Purpose

  • Suitable for permanent or route-based vibration data collection
  • Ideal for predictive maintenance applications
  • Low-profile, online, portable, or integral cable models available

9000 Accelerometers, High Frequency

  • Suitable for high-speed, rotating machinery, spindles, and gear mesh
  • Provide vibration monitoring, testing, and frequency analysis
  • Miniature size is ideal for small mechanisms where sensor size or weight are important factors
  • Operate online and portable

9000 Accelerometers, Low Frequency

  • Suitable for low-amplitude vibration levels
  • Combine an extended low-frequency response with high-output sensitivity
  • Operate online and portable
  • Rugged, laser-welded, stainless steel housing
  • Hermetically sealed military connectors
  • Ideal for dirty, wet, or harsh environments

9000 Accelerometers, High Temperature

  • Monitor vibration levels of rotating machinery in elevated temperatures or in high-temperature environments
  • Standard models provide same cabling, data collection, and signal conditioning equipment as General Purpose Accelerometers
  • Charge-mode models are ideal for extreme high-temperature environments
  • Charge-mode models require alternative cabling and signal conditioning equipment

9000 Accelerometers, Specialty

  • Measure either temperature and acceleration, or velocity output
  • Multi-axis accelerometers that contain two or three independent acceleration sensing elements within the same housing
  • Sensing elements are specifically oriented to respond to vibration in independent, orthogonal directions
  • Operate online, portable, or via powered switchbox

9000 Accelerometers, 4...20 mA Output

  • Provide measurement signals that represent the overall vibration levels generated by all rotating machinery
  • Leverages existing process control equipment and HMI software to monitor machinery for excessive vibration levels
  • Operate online only

9000 Accelerometers, Intrinsically Safe

  • Suitable for environments that require specific safety certifications (CSA and/or ATEX, depending on the model)