Infrared Thermometer Calibrator : BX-500


  • For calibrating non-contact infrared thermometers up to 500°C (932°F)
  • Temperature controlled black-body target with a diameter of 2.25" (57mm)
  • Wide field of view to compensate for optical variations in individual infrared thermometers
  • Fixed emissivity of 0.95
  • Simply set the desired temperature in increments of 0.1°, wait for the calibrator to attain equilibrium, point the infrared thermometer at the target, and measure the radiated energy
  • Contact RTD reference well is located directly behind the blackbody target to assure even higher accuracies of ±0.1°C

Functional Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 50 to 500°C (122 to 932°F)
  • Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
  • Accuracy: °0.8°C (°1.6°F): <=100°C (212°F); °1.6°C (°3.2°F): 100 to <=200°C (212 to 392°F); °2.8°C (°5.6°F): 200 to <=500°C (392 to <=932°F)
  • Stability: °0.1°C (°0.2°F): <=100°C (212°F); °0.2°C (°0.4°F): 100 to <=350°C (212 to 662°F); °0.4°C (°0.8°F): 350 to <=500°C (662 to <=932°F)
  • Target Emissivity: Fixed at 0.95
  • Cooling Time: 45 minutes to 100°C (122°F)
  • Heating Time: 40 minutes to maximum
  • Aperture Diameter: 57mm

General Specifications

  • Power Supply: 1.25A/110VAC (°10%), 2.5A
  • Dimensions: 180 x 114 x 233mm
  • Weight: 3 kg