Inductive-Capacitive-Magnet Sensor

inductive-proximity-sensors-integrated-rotation-speed-monitor namur-inductive-proximity-sensors stainless-steel-inductive-proximity-switches high-temperature-inductive-proximity-sensors inductive-proximity-sensors-welding-applications  inductive-proximity-sensors-harsh-environments

Inductive proximity sensor with integrated rotation speed monitor

NAMUR inductive proximity sensor

Stainless steel inductive proximity switch ø 6.5 mm | EH 6.5

 High temperature inductive proximity sensor -60 ... +250 °C Inductive proximity sensor for welding applications Inductive proximity sensor for harsh environment IP69K
waterproof-inductive-proximity-sensors  inductive-proximity-sensors-welding-applications1  all-metal-inductive-proximity-switches  inductive-proximity-sensors-clamping-systems  explosion-proof-inductive-proximity-sensors  magnetic-field-sensors-welding-applications 

Waterproof inductive proximity sensormax. 500 m, M18

Inductive proximity sensor for welding applications M8 - M30 x 1.5

All-metal inductive proximity switch Q08 Inductive proximity sensor for clamping system Explosion proof inductive proximity sensor M12

Magnetic field sensor for welding applications M12

 inductive-proximity-switches-food-sea-water-applications  inductive-proximity-switches-non-ferrous-metals  miniature-inductive-proximity-sensors  2-wire-inductive-proximity-sensors  sealed-inductive-proximity-switches  chemically-resistant-capacitive-proximity-sensors

High temperature capacitive proximity sensor ø 12 - 18 mm,

Explosion proof capacitive proximity sensor ø 12 mm, ATEX

Capacitive proximity sensor
10 mm, M30 | BCC series

Capacitive proximity sensor for harsh environments IP69K

2-wire capacitive proximity sensor 7.5 mm, ø 18 mm Inductive position sensor for rotary actuators
 high-temperature-capacitive-proximity-sensors  explosion-proof-capacitive-proximity-sensors  capacitive-proximity-sensors  capacitive-proximity-sensors-harsh-environments  2-wire-capacitive-proximity-sensors  inductive-position-sensors-rotary-actuators
Inductive proximity switch for food and sea-water applications Inductive proximity switch for non-ferrous metals

Miniature inductive proximity sensor QP08

2-wire inductive proximity sensor
M12 - M30 x 1.5

Sealed inductive proximity switch
75 mm, IP68 - IP69K | Q80WD

Chemically resistant capacitive proximity sensor max. M30 x 1.5

 namur-capacitive-proximity-sensors  block-type-capacitive-proximity-sensors  capacitive-proximity-sensors1  ultrasonic-proximity-sensors  capacitive-proximity-sensors-male-thread  compact-ultrasonic-proximity-sensors

Ultrasonic proximity sensor
max. 600 cm, M30

Magnetic field sensor for pneumatic cylinders Explosion proof magnetic field sensor Radar motion sensor Magnetic field sensor for welding nuts

Slotted proximity sensor
2 - 15 mm

 ultrasonic-proximity-sensors1  magnetic-field-sensors-pneumatic-cylinder  explosion-proof-magnetic-field-sensors  radar-motion-sensors  magnetic-field-sensors-welding-nut  slotted-proximity-sensors
NAMUR capacitive proximity sensor ø 20 mm Block type capacitive proximity sensor

Capacitive proximity sensor
max. 15 mm, ø 34 mm | BCFseries

Ultrasonic proximity sensor
max. 800 cm

Capacitive proximity sensor with male thread ø 18 mm | BCF series

Compact ultrasonic proximity sensor max. 100 cm, M18