Development board for EL-OEM-3

  • Designed for use with EL-OEM-3
  • Supplied with 3.6V 1/2AA battery
  • USB interface for setup and download of data
  • Breadboarding area provided

The EL-OEM-TEST is a board designed to assist in development of circuits using the EL-OEM-3 data logger.

The EL-OEM-TEST features a mini-USB connector, battery socket, and development options for input signal conditioning including positions for scaling resistors and an op-amp circuit. There is also a small bread-boarding area provided. With the interface designed and tested, the required circuitry can be transferred to a product specific PCB.

N.B. EL-OEM-TEST is supplied with a battery and mini-USB cable for communication. It does NOT include an EL-OEM-3 module.