Pressure Transmitter

Pressure TransmitterPressure Transmitter with Display (600 Bar)

  • Pressure transmitter with display
  • Hydraulic monitoring
  • PS-300 non-rotatable sensor body, IP69K
  • The "all-rounders"
  • PS-500 rotatable body, multiple pressure connections
  • PS-600 non-rotatable body, front-flush stainless steel diaphragm
  • Pneumatics or vacuum monitoring
  • PK-N manometer-like design
  • PK-P cylindrical design





PS Series

Ideally suited for demandng hydrauIic and pneumatic systems are the pressure sensors of the PS series. The devices are incorporated in a stainlesssteel housing and feature a user-friendly 4-digrt 7-segment display Open standards such as VDMA menu guide and IO-link are also supported






PK seriesThe PK series is especially designed for pneumatic and vacuum applcations. Rugged, compact and at the same lime lightweight designed, they are made for hailing and automation systems.






PT seriesThe PT series features pressure transmitters in robust cytndriul housings made of stainless steel. These sensors were developed to resist media temperatures of up to 125* C wtthout problems. They are avalabte either with a linear vottage or current output.






PC sereisThe PC series comprises type that are fully encapsulated in a stainless steel housing They are freely programmable and can be instaled in hydraulic and pneumatic applications. IO link communication is also supported






otherWith the avalabie product-specific accessories, they can be mounted almost anywhere