RFID network interface

  • With BL ident the user is free to choose interface modules in IP20 or IP67.
  • Interface modules with PROFINET-DP (DPV0 and DPV1), DeviceNet, Ethernet/Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/Profinet and Ethernet/IP with up to 8 channels are available.
  • Programmable gateways enable decentral and fast signal processing.
  • The modular concept allows the user to add input and output modules to the interface at a later stage.
  • All channels operate in parallel allowing data to be transmitted simultaneously.
  • The diagnostics for the fieldbus, the supply voltage and the individual channels is carried out via LEDs and complemented by fieldbus-specific diagnostic messages.
  • Standard function modules are available for simple integration in the control and fieldbus environments.
  • The application of the BL ident simple module (BL20-2RFID-S, BL67-2RFID-S) is also possible. This way the communication is built on the basis of an 8-byte I/O module. The programming effort is reduced considerably. The user has the freedom to link BL ident to all standard control systems without using function modules.




  • BL ident® interfaces are obtainable as a set together with a gateway and one to four RFID modules in IP20 or IP67. Also available interfaces provide the connectivity to PROFIBUS-DP, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus TCP, DeviceNet™, PROFINET IO, CANopen und EtherCAT®.
  • You can subsequently connect RFID modules to the interface. Maximally 16 channels can be operated in parallel.
  • In addition to fieldbus-specific diagnostic messages, also fieldbus status and power supply of the individual channels is signalled via LEDs.
  • Programmable gateways enable distributed and fast signal processing.
  • Our product portfolio also comprises standard function modules
  • for easy integration in the control and fieldbus network.
  • Even simple I/O communication needing no function blocks, can be implemented with BL ident® solutions based on the 8-byte I/O modules BL20-2RFID-S and BL67-2RFID-S
  • (S = simple RFID Interface). They reduce the programming effort considerably and allow you to connect BL ident® to all standard control systems without function block.
  • As an alternative to the BL20 and BL67 interface sets,
  • BL compact offers tailor-made, compact, fully potted and IP67 rated interfaces for the connection of read/write heads.
  • BL compact is the perfect solution for applications with little space.