USB Mains Power Adapter for EU

  • Use with EL-WiFi and SGD product ranges
  • 0 to 1A output current
  • 100 to 240V a.c. input
  • 5V d.c. output via USB connector

This USB mains power adapter is designed to fit standard EU mains plug and provide a stable 5V d.c. output at up to 1A via a USB cable (not supplied).

This product is suitable for use with a number of products in Lascar’s range:

EL-WiFi range
Connected to the EL-WiFi data logger via a USB A to Micro B (supplied with the EL-WiFi data logger) the PSU USB-EU can either be used to quickly charge the device’s battery to full capacity, or left permanently connected to act as a mains power supply.

PanelPilot displays
Connected to the SGD display via a USB A to Mini B (not supplied) the PSU USB-EU can be used as a convenient mains power supply for the PanelPilot devices. Refer to the SGD display data sheet for further wiring information.