PlantPAx Process Automation System

PlantPAx Process Automation System

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PlantPAx. It's More Than a DCS


plantpaxPlantPAx™ is the process automation system from Rockwell Automation with all the core capabilities expected in a world-class distributed control system (DCS). The system is built on a standard-based architecture using Integrated Architecture Components that enable multi-disciplined control and Premier Integration with the Rockwell Automation Intelligent Motor Control portfolio.


PlantPAx Capabilities

System Architecture:

PlantPAx is the only process automation system capable of managing the entire range of automation applications, including motion, safety and drive systems. The PlantPAx system:

  • Built on open industry standards,
  • Leverages the EtherNet/IP network as its backbone
  • Supports seamless integration of the system Components
  • Provides connectivity to higher-level business systems.

The PlantPAx system supports ControlNet or EtherNet/IP networks for device-level communication to deliver a business solution with real-time results from the plant floor to the top floor.



PlantPAx Virtual Image templates
To meet the growing popularity of virtual environments within the process industry, Rockwell Automation offers PlantPAx Virtual Image templates that can deliver, via USB hard drive, the core PlantPAx system elements as pre-configured, drop-in templates. Provided as an open, virtual-format file, and officially supported and tested for use with VMware vSphere, the following templates are provided:

Engineering Workstation (EWS): Contains all the necessary software to fully configure the control and visualization Components of the PlantPAx process automation system.
Operator Workstation (OWS): Consists of the software needed for visualizing and controlling the process.
Process Automation System Server (PASS): Provides central name resolution and look-up services across multiple computers for central administration of data throughout the PlantPAx process automation system. The PASS also provides data, HMI and alarm server capability.

Control & I/O
Scalable Controller Portfolio

  • Align process areas from 10 points to thousands across the platform
  • Simplex Controllers
  • Redundant Controllers
  • Skid-based Controllers

Comprehensive Connectivity

  • The broadest range of traditional I/O and intelligent devices
  • FLEX I/O and FLEX Ex

Device Connectivity
We offer network solutions to connect your automation products to each other and to the rest of your enterprise.

  • EtherNet/IP
  • DeviceNet
  • ControlNet
  • HART
  • ControlLogix I/O HART modules Product Profile
  • FLEX I/O HART modules User Manual
  • FLEX Ex I/O HART modules User Manual
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • PROFIBUS PA networks

Operator Effectiveness

Integrated Visualization
Intuitive displays, objects, and faceplates with integrated diagnostics streamline operator response

  • Equipment Level Solutions
  • Site Level Solutions

Alarm and Event Management

  • Provides a single, integrated set of alarm information
  • Alarms and Events Overview

Decision Support Tools

  • Dashboards help identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Dashboard Overview

Safety & Critical Control
Scalable Process Safety
Integrated basic process control system (BPCS) and scalable SIS solutions, including Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) for the highest availability

  • ControlLogix in SIL 2 Application Safety Reference Manual
  • Scalable Modular Redundancy
  • Triple Modular Redundancy
  • Turbo Machinery Controllers
  • High Availability Process Control
  • High availability solutions from redundant I/O to redundant controllers, resilient networks to redundant HMI servers.

Batch Management & Control
Scalable Platform

  • From unit scale to highly complex integrated batch solutions
  • Batch Management and Control Overview
  • Batch Software Suite
  • Batch & Sequence Manager

Integrated Analysis Tools

  • Batch reports, material usage, genealogy, and solutions to optimize batch production
  • Batch Software Suite
  • Native ISA-88 Structure
  • Simplify change management and regulatory compliance

Advanced Process Control
Regulatory Control Solutions

  • Simple Regulatory Control
  • Advanced Regulatory Control
  • APC Function Blocks
  • Fuzzy Designer Software

Supervisory Control Solutions

  • Model Predictive Control Solutions
  • Advanced Continuous Emissions Monitoring
  • Real-time Environmental Management