Calibration Services

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Calibration Services
Sierra is an independent company offering a range of Pressure , Temperature , Humidity & Process Instrument Calibration Services

Easy and Accurate Calibrations

  • Sierra has solutions to help you manage your calibration needs from plant start-up to full scale manufacturing & production
  • We use Finest Quality High Accuracy MASTER Instruments for Calibrating your instruments
  • Trained technicians perform calibration On-Site ensuring 100% confidence in results
  • Sierra's Calibration System is ISO 9001 registered
  • Adjustment, repair and calibration all from one source – Sierra is a full service laboratory and can make adjustments and repairs for many types of calibration devices upon your request.
  • No matter how you use us we always offer HONESTY,QUALITY and VALUE FOR MONEY

Onsite Calibration delivery

  • Traceable certificated using NABL certified MASTER instruments
  • Accurate Calibration Certificates
  • Good Quality Calibration Labels & Stickers
  • SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure) to meet all applicable standards
  • Minimal interruptions to your manufacturing plant
  • We schedule & maintain your Calibrations throughout the manufacturing plant Lifecycle.

Sierra Calibration Principlecalibration services1

  • We Say what we will do
  • We Do what we say
  • We Record what we did
  • We Check the results
  • We Act on the difference


calibration services2Traceable Calibration
Traceability is a declaration stating - to which national standard a certain instrument has been compared. Sierra has multiple Master Instruments that have traceability to NABL accredited laboratories





 Finest MASTER Instrument

For every prcoess parameter , Sierra possesses the finest calibration Master Instruments available.

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Traceable comparison calibrations for all of your temperature measuring devices including RTD Sensor Chart Recorder Dial /Glass Thermometer Digital Thermometer…
Traceable comparison calibrations for all your humidity measurement devices including Hygrometer Chart Recorder Datalogger Thermo-Hygrometer Humidity Sensor Humidity Transmitter
Traceable comparison calibration for all your Pressure mesauring instruments including Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure transducers, Magnehelic Gauges , Pressure…