GuardPLC 1800 Safety Controllers

Bulletin 1753 GuardPLC™ 1800 Controllers have the same features as the GuardPLC 1600 controller. These packaged controllers include analog inputs and high-speed counter inputs for specialized applications such as emergency shutdown, flame control and amusement-park ride control.


  • TÜV-certified for use in applications to SIL 3 and to PLe/Category 4
  • Provides 32 safety digital I/O points
  • Contains eight safety-rated analog inputs and two safety-rated high-speed counters
  • Contains embedded 4-port Ethernet switch
  • Communicates over GuardPLC™ Ethernet and over EtherNet/IP™
  • Offers Modbus RTU slave and PROFIBUS DP slave communication options
  • Integrates with 1753 GuardPLC Distributed Safety I/O modules