PLC-5 Communications

Bulletin 1771 PLC-5® Communication modules let you add another communication port to the PLC-5 controller. This adds network capability beyond the available on-board ports.


  • Provides communication options beyond the on-board communication ports


1785 PLC-5® EtherNet/IP™ Communication Interface Module

  • Provides embedded TCP/IP communication capabilities to communicate to other PLC-5 controllers with Ethernet ports, or with host computers
  • Integrates the Allen-Bradley® control architecture into the industry-standard TCP/IP network, offering flexible open-system solutions
  • Provides built-in web capabilities for diagnostics and web browser-based access to diagnostics and module information

1771 BASIC Module

  • Runs user-written BASIC and C programs
  • Enables communication with computers, modems, printers, and other devices
  • Communicates with a remote PLC or SLC™ controller
  • BASIC Development Software (1771-PBASE) lets you create, edit, translate, debug, upload, and download programs to the BASIC Module

1771 PLC-5 DeviceNet™ Scanner Module

  • Provides two channels for connections to two DeviceNet networks
  • Supports up to 63 slave devices per channel
  • Scans I/O and processes messages