Bulletin 1746 SLC™ I/O provides a full range of digital, analog, and specialty I/O for a wide variety of applications. You can use the I/O modules in a local I/O chassis of an SLC 500 controller. Or, use an I/O communication adapter module to place I/O in a chassis at a location remote from the controller.

1746 SLC Digital I/O modules

  • Up to 32 points per module
  • AC and DC input modules
  • AC, DC, and relay-contact output modules
  • Combination modules available

1746 SLC Analog I/O modules

  • Wide range of analog signal levels
  • Standard analog inputs and outputs
  • Direct thermocouple and RTD temperature inputs
  • Excellent accuracy
  • High resolution
  • Choice of input filtering for fast response or high noise immunity

1746 SLC Specialty I/O modules

  • High-speed counters
  • Process control modules
  • Motion and positioning modules

1746 SLC Communication Interfaces

  • Install a communication adapter module in an SLC chassis with I/O to locate it remote from the controller
  • ControlNet™ and Universal Remote I/O communication adapter modules available