Process Control Systems

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We are experienced specialists in control systems integration providing a wide range of solutions. Sierra instrumentation & controls understands the unique needs of process control systems and delivers solutions that meet the requirements for safety, tight control and regulatory agencies.

Process Control Systems

Process industries (Food and Beverage, Specialty Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas) require a higher level of knowledge and expertise.  In these specialty industries it is simply not enough to apply standard control system development practices to these processes.  It requires process-oriented thinking and development. 

Sierra Instrumentation & Controls brings that understanding to every project we execute in the process industry. Projects in the process industry often require much greater detail in their design and development due to constantly changing process parameters, upsets, and safety requirements that are much more stringent. 

Your control system must be designed to take into account not only the normal operations, but also abnormal ones without compromising product quality, throughput or employee safety. One way to provide the flexibility required for your process systems is to adhere to the latest industry standards for process systems.  One of the most important standards is S88, which is the four-part standard for batch system development.  Another standard that is important to know and apply is the S95 standard, which defines the methods and models to interface Enterprise systems to the plant floor. Each industry offers its own unique challenges, and SIERRA is here to help you address them:"


Specialty Chemical

Specialty Chemical manufacturers have to focus on cost, quality, agility and regulatory compliance throughout the product life cycle — from raw materials through final shipment — all while improving your delivery time and accuracy. Our extensive background in this market allows us to understand the need for consistency no matter where or how your product is manufactured. Let us help you build solutions to improve your competitive edge.  These can include streamlining your manufacturing process and reducing costs through open solutions that meet the continuing challenge of new formulations, changeovers, production optimization.



The Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry is beginning a migration to a more personalized medicine model.  Control and Information systems must be designed to include & provide the flexibility required to handle the complexity of a smaller and more flexible production processes, without compromising the quality of the final product. We couple our multi-discipline engineering capability with award-winning system integration expertise to ensure complete, accurate and safe designs. Some of our most challenging system integration work is in Life Science API Plant Control Systems. We have combined many advanced technologies to create integrated state-of-the-art Control Systems for API plant. Our responsibilities have included everything from Design , Detailed Engineering , PLC SCADA , Panel Manufacturing , Control System Software ,21CFR Part11 compliant control system , Simulation Testing , DQ-IQ-OQ documentation with execution followed by commissioning consisting of all the steps in between.

We offer:
Process Automation: Batch, Bio-Reactor, Fermenters, Process Water Systems, Advanced Process Control. Manufacturing Information Systems: Electronic Batch Record (EBR), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Asset Management, Dashboards and reporting systems.


Oil and Gas

Sierra Instrumentation & Controls was founded over 18 years ago serving the oil and gas industry.  Our focus in these systems is as strong today as it has ever been. 


Food and Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, one of the biggest driving factors is the constant demand for new products.  These pressures lead to constant change in manufacturing operations and the ability to quickly change formulations, packaging or both.  We design and implement systems with the maximum flexibility.  You can be assured that they will deliver value today and into the future. Your automation systems are key to achieving customer satisfaction and ensuring safe products, while also focusing on sustainable manufacturing practices, providing tight integration with your business systems while still being highly competitive in your market niche.