Operational Equipment Effectiveness

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OEE - Operational Equipment Effectiveness(Manufacturing Intelligence)

Sierra Instrumentation & Controls is a premier “Systems Integrator.” We understand how to manage your production data through its entire lifecycle. From the plant floor equipment measuring and collecting the data to the transfer of this information to your ERP systems, we offer the total solution.We work with our customers to determine their business needs. It is important to also understand what is contextual data and what is simply “data.” We help our customers identify actionable data and provide solutions to promote efficiency, effectiveness and continuous improvement.

Operational Equipment Effectiveness (Manufacturing Intelligence Implementation)OEE slide1
Most manufacturers are constantly under pressure to:

  • Increase their Production Rate
  • Decrease Unplanned Downtime
  • Reduce Idle time, Changeover, and Cleaning Time
  • Better Labor Utilization
  • Reduce Scrap, Waste, and Rework
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Meet requirements of regulatory agencies


It is possible to achieve these objectives with a better understanding of what is happening on the production floor. Improvement begins with accurate data. Most manufacturers have some way of gathering production data, and some way of accounting for lost production time. For many, the methods used (paper and/or spreadsheet) may be inaccurate and cannot be used effectively. But data by itself doesn’t help – you also need a way to analyze the data to identify the real problems that are costing money and productivity. You also need a way to determine what data is not being collected that will highlight the constraints/issues. Sierra Instrumentation & Controls work closely with our customers to identify efficiency improvements. We implement tools to collect and analyze production data that help our customers make their production equipment, and therefore their whole plant, run more efficiently. Implementation of dashboards for production team to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on a real-time basis ensures the problems are immediately identified and corrective action applied before it impacts production.